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Botanical Cakes

with Studio Mondine & Nine Cakes

naturalist-cakes-1-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-005-1naturalist-cakes-2-Jen_Huang-000485-R1-039-18naturalist-cakes-3-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-011-4naturalist-cakes-4-Jen_Huang-000485-R1-035-16naturalist-cakes-5-Jen_Huang-000485-R1-037-17naturalist-cakes-6-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-031-14naturalist-cakes-7-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-035-16naturalist-cakes-8-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-025-11naturalist-cakes-9-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-043-20naturalist-cakes-10-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-049-23naturalist-cakes-11-Jen_Huang-000485-R1-023-10naturalist-cakes-12-Jen_Huang-000487-R1-E008naturalist-cakes-13-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-059-28naturalist-cakes-14-Jen_Huang-000485-R1-021-9naturalist-cakes-15-Jen_Huang-000486-R1-075-36Conceptualized for the naturalist bride, these cakes were artfully baked by Nine Cakes and gracefully installed by Amanda Luu of Studio Mondine. Here are the ingredients:

Fruited – Blueberries on the branch, Hellebores and Heuchera

Alpine – Blueberries on the branch, Hellebores and Grape Muscari

Vine – Jasmine Vine, Hellebore and Deutzia

Tropical – Golden Fiddlehead Fern and Dogwood

Delicate – Green Hellebores

Exotic – Smokebush

Romantic – Koko Loko Garden Rose, Hellebores, Vibernum and Heuchera

Classic – Koko Loko Garden Roses, Cinnamon Spice Hellebores, Chocolate Cosmos and Heuchera

Monotone – Dried Hydrangea Florets

Forest – Dogwood

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  1. valeria mameli

    they are so lovely… wonderful look


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How to wear Flowers in your hair

featuring Poppies & Posies and Facetime Beauty

floral-crown-1-Jen_Huang-006837-R1-E015Statement Tree Peony Crown - 10 Ways to Rock Flowers in your Hair | Wedding Inspiration on | w/ Jen Huang, Poppies and Posies, Facetime Beauty, Jenette Nelligan, Shop Skylar Belle
Smilax Vine Crown - 10 Ways to Rock Flowers in your Hair | Wedding Inspiration on | w/ Jen Huang, Poppies and Posies, Facetime Beauty, Jenette Nelligan, Shop Skylar Belle

There’s just something so whimsical about wearing fresh blooms in your hair. Whether you dream of wearing a lush fairy-tale crown or just a classic wreath, here’s a few beautiful ways to complete your up-do with flowers. Which style would you rock on your wedding day?

Tropical Crown: A big, statement hair wreath for an editorial look, featuring a bright yellow tree peony, kumquats on the branch and variegated greens.

Natural Vine: Just one strand of smilax vine creates this natural circlet. Smilax is a great option for an outdoor wedding as it will last even through hot weather.

Floral Masterpiece: Can you believe this lush, gorgeous crown is made of silk flowers? If you’re looking for big and bold, but worried about your flowers wilting through the day, consider a hand made silk piece that looks remarkably real and lasts a lifetime.

Delicate Blooms: White brodea is delicate and romantic, weave its florets through your up-do.

Modern Simplicity: A floral ring of only hellebores is both simple and striking.

Romantic cluster: If you want to wear flowers and show off a lovely low updo as well, consider a small hair comb. Composed of pistachio leaves and Sahara spray garden roses.

Herbal Wreath: Eucalyptus foliage is hardy and fragrant, let it fill your day with relaxing herbal aromatherapy.

One-sided Spray:  An asymmetrical nod to greenery with a touch of floral from the flowering spirea.


And did you notice my personal favorite way to incorporate flowers? Through double exposures on film, two images combined by light into one.

Written and conceptualized by Jen & Sierra | Floral Design – Poppies and Posies | Hair and Makeup – Facetime Beauty | Model – Jenette Nelligan | Photographer – Jen Huang | Silk Cami – J.Crew | Tulle Skirt – Skylar Belle | Film Processing – Richard Photo Lab | Silk Flowers –

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Apple Rosette Tarts

a simple recipe from my mother

JenHuang-rosette-003806-R1-0321My mother taught me how to make this simple and beautiful treat and I’m delighted to be able to share it. You won’t believe how easy they are to make and how yummy they are! You will need two apples, half a lemon, three tablespoons of apricot preserves and pre-made pastry dough. This recipe makes six tarts.

  1. Juice your half lemon into a small dish
  2. Core your apples and slice them into paper-thin half moons
  3. Gently mix three tablespoons of apricot preserves (or jam) plus a tablespoon of water
  4. Add your apples and lemon juice to your mixture and microwave everything for 1 min on high
  5. Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees
  6. Unroll your pastry dough and divide it into six even portions, about 2.5 in by 8 in each
  7. Carefully lay your apple slices overlapping in a scallop pattern along each strip, leaving room to fold the bottom half of the pastry strip over the bottom of the apple slices. The round part of the slices should not be covered by the pastry strip, as they will form the petals of your rose.
  8. Starting at one end, carefully roll your enveloped slices into a spiral, like a cinnamon bun.
  9. Bake for 40 minutes, cool and serve. The oven will bake the pastry dough and cause the apple “petals” to curl and open. Enjoy!

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floral paperweights

simplicity styled series - preserve your wedding bouquet

JenHuangFlowerOrbs31-000501-R1-004I wish I had thought of this to save a few little blooms from my own bouquet! It’s such a beautiful, and practical way to preserve and display dried flowers. Here’s what you need: THIS spherical tray, THIS can of clear resin, THIS liquid gold gilding, THESE hardy brushes, and THIS electric sander. You’ll also want safety gloves and a dust mask.

Start outdoors, with small dried flowers or little stems of foliage, and arrange them in your molds.

With gloves and mask on, prepare your resin according to the directions on the can, be careful as the fumes are quite strong. Tip: mix your resin in a vessel that you won’t mind discarding.

Slowly pour the resin into the molds, carefully making sure that your flowers stay submerged.

When the resin has hardened, pop them out of the molds and use your electric sander to smooth the edges and the top where any floating foliage has embedded itself. Tip: an electric sander is much faster and effective than sand paper.

I love the look of gold on the bottom, so I painted mine with gilding, but you may like leaving it transparent so that it takes in the colors of its surroundings. Consider gluing a felt circle on the bottom if they are to be used as paperweights, but they also make gorgeous wall and table decor.


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  1. Vera Belyavskaya

    This is so beautiful and cute! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Mindy

    Your photos are one thing. The watercolour details is another… Your blog is the prettiest I have ever seen.

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